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Riding Out the Pandemic: Professional Virtues in the Digital World: Slow Ethics for Social Work during COVID-19 疫情來襲,當應變要快快快,凡事都急急急的情況下,社工於網上進行服務時有甚麼需要注意? 來自英國杜倫大學(Durham University)的學者Professor Sarah Banks提醒社工們在急速的變化中仍要持守 Slow ethics。是次講座將根據於2020年進行的國際調查以及於202-21年的英國調查數據所得去討論於網絡上進行社工實務工作的倫理挑戰及考量。 #疫中社工勝任能力提升# Ethical challenges in Covid Social Work practice #Ethical analysis # 網絡上工作# Critical reflection #Slow ethics 費用全免、報名從速! 網上報名:https://www.polyu.edu.hk/pfs/index.php/255935?lang=en Riding Out the Pandemic: Social Work Practice during COVID-19: Navigating [...]


Support to Ethnic Minorities in Covid-19 5th Wave 

Are you Ethnic Minority and currently under compulsory measures such as home quarantine and waiting for admission into isolation facility; support below might be helpful for you. Support is divided into 2 parts: 1) Multilingual Hotlines  You can contact us through our hotlines to make enquires in different languages, related to latest pandemic situation. [...]

Support to Ethnic Minorities in Covid-19 5th Wave 2022-03-31T10:01:40+00:00

2 New projects of HKSWA—Proudly presented on World Social Work Day

On World Social Work Day, we proudly present two new projects of HKSWA 1.Support to grassroot families affected by Covid by collaborating with 2 neighborhood centres (Open Today) 2.Support to Ethnic Minorities in Covid 5th Wave by our new Chapter on Ethnically Diverse Social Work # 1st EM Crisis Intervention Team operated by EM [...]

2 New projects of HKSWA—Proudly presented on World Social Work Day2022-03-15T09:30:16+00:00


今日係世界社工日,2022的主題是「共建生態社會新世界:無缺無遺」 該主題提出一個願景和行動計劃,以創造新的全球價值觀、政策和實踐,從而為所有人建立信任、安全和信心以及地球的可持續性。2022年世界社工日將是社會工作專業人士參與所有社會工作網絡和他們工作的社區的一個重要機會,為價值觀和原則做出貢獻,使所有人的尊嚴通過共同的未來得到尊重。 願在疫情下,社工仍可堅守初心,給予社會關懷及鼓勵。大家加油~



熱烈恭賀當選理事! 陳文浩先生 廖金鳳女士 岑家雄先生 溫艾狄女士 自動當選: 會長:林靜雯教授, MH 司庫:馮丹媚女士, MH, JP 贊助會員 理事:范凱傑先生 學生會員 理事:張文健先生及李淑怡女士